Our Difference

Because of a.ku designs, many women now have a new reason to smile. A  life that is fashioned for freedom is a beautiful reality. We are honored to watch Jesus transform their lives. Listen to the difference a.ku designs in making:

 “I am very proud working here. And I am so happy that I can earn my own living and can support my son and buy food and buy medicine. I know this job will help me in the future of my son growing up and so I make sure he gets and education. – Sulakshana, A mother of two children, one of which died from a hole in his heart. She herself suffers from severe ulcers and requires daily medication.

“When I am here, I am the most happy person in the world.” –  Sulakshana

“I am respected now. And everyone feels I am doing something good. It feels like family here” – Vijaya, Found a.ku after looking for worthwhile employment for many months so that she could help supplement her family’s income.

“Everyone treats me with dignity and respect.” – Keerti, A mother of two children who needs to financially support her family after suffering domestic violence.

“I am very happy now. God has given me a purpose. I am extremely proud of my work.” – Vijaya